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Accustomed Services Pvt Ltd is one of the leading Medical Billing, Coding & Digital Marketing company,
offering customizable and scalable solutions that offer greater efficiency and financial performance.

Digital Marketing

We are a leading Digital Marketing Agency with our team of experts in SEO, Google Ads, Social Media Marketing, E-Mail Markeitng and all other possible digital marketing solutions as per the client's demography.

Lead Generation

Quality lead generation for any business is not an easy task as lead generation requires countless effort with experties. We have our team of expert in lead generation through platforms like google ads, social media and all other possible modes of marketing.

Medical Coding & Coding Audits

In order to ensure high coding accuracy and reduce compliance risk, our certified coders are continuously educated on updated coding guidelines, specializing in various disciplines and care settings.

Charge Entry & Charge Audits

Hospitals receive a reimbursement amount from payers based on the charge entry process. Our teams of coding and charge entry work collaboratively to ensure appropriate reimbursement

Payment Posting

In addition to processing payments, we analyze reimbursement and denial trends to evaluate the effectiveness of your hospital's revenue cycle.

Accounts Receivable Management

By analyzing your finances, finding errors, and implementing efficient processes we can assist you in collecting payments and clearing backlogs of unresolved A/R issues quickly.

Denial Management

By identifying and correcting the root causes of denials and underpayments, tackling denied claims, and improving financial performance, our team can assist health systems and hospitals.

Credit Balance Resolution

To ensure patient/insurance refunds are issued to you in a timely manner, our team analyzes credit balances, identifies overpayments, and corrects errors.

Insurance Eligibility Verification & Prior Authorization

Our team verifies coverage for all primary and secondary payers, follows up with patients if necessary, initiates prior authorization requests, and obtains treatment approvals when needed to improve the quality of your clean claims submissions.

Patient Demographics Entry

During the claims processing process, our team collects and validates all necessary information, including payment and insurance details, as well as any additional allergies or dietary restrictions.

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Outsourcing medical coding

With our customized medical coding services, you will improve accuracy and reduce claim denials.


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Accustomed Services Pvt Ltd has been providing customized outsourcing solutions to its global partners since its inception in Jan 2016. Through our performance-driven, result-oriented approach, we help our clients achieve their goals by providing market-leading services.

Accustomed Service Private Limited:

Why Outsource Your Medical Billing & Coding?

Below are the reasons why you should outsource your medical billing service.

  1. Proficient in multiple billing systems
  2. Expertise across multiple specialties
  3. Delivering over 95% accuracy
  4. Multiple pricing models
  5. The technology-led data-driven approach
  6. Dedicated account managers

The Advantages Of Outsourcing Medical Billing | Coding | Accounts Receivable management

Quality of talent

Quality focus

Access to New Technology

Improve compliance and mitigate audit risk

Improve A/R cycle, reduce the cost to collect

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